Designing a Pamphlet

Graphic Design - Ms.Emerson


Pamphlets make a lot of use of layout. You will need to learn a little bit about the principles of graphic design to create an effective

layout. Click HERE.


Pamphlets are a good example of how Graphic Design can be used to convey an idea. Pamphlets are used to convey information,

influence an opinion, or sell a product or service. It is important to determine where the focus of the message you are conveying is.

If you are designing a pamphlet for a product, the company's logo should be the focal point of the front of the pamphlet. If you are

designing a pamphlet about car seat safety for infants, you would want the title of the pamphlet to be the focal point. A pamphlet

should grab a person's attention. The first page needs to tell the reader what the pamphlet is about.

Notice how it is easy to tell what each of these pamphlets is about. The main title grabs your eye, and the subtitle further defines the subject matter.

These examples show how images can be used to express an idea or illustrate a topic. Notice that the title of the pamphlet still draws your focus. The image

serves as a background. These images are usually pretty generic, and don't express any information that will draw attention away from the text. This means

that things like maps, graphs, or illustrations should not be featured on the front of a pamphlet.These images are here for mainly esthetic reasons. In other

words, they serve no purpose except to add to the appearence of the pamphlet. The front page should be simple, and well laid out.


Use the first page of the pamphlet to introduce and/or outline the information you are going to be presenting. The first page should familiarize the reader with

the topic(s) that you will be covering. You can use images on this page to express or illustrate ideas. This page should provide a main idea, or group of main

ideas that will be expanded on in the following pages.


The remaining pages are used to provide detail about the main ideas introduced on the first page. Use images as they fit in with the information, or to break up

text. Keep in mind that you do not want your pamphlet to read like a book. Parapgraph upon paragraph with no intteruption or creative layout makes the pamphlet

boring. Pamphlets are used to convey information quickly, often by summarizing. Too much text can make your pamphlet less effective. Separate paragraphs with

images, or illustrations.


Notice how the images break up the text and make the pamphlet more interesting visually. You can add more images if you like, and depending on the subject of your

pamphlet it may be neccessary to do so.


Create a pamphlet about Graphic Design. Include the following:


Definition of Graphic Design-Describe what Graphic Design is.How it is used, and where it is used.

Elements and Principles of Graphic Design-Discuss the elements of Graphic Design shape, line, color, typography, images, and texture . Also discuss the 6 principles of design listed here.

Careers in Graphic Design-What possible career choices does a Graphic Artist have? Click HERE for information on Graphic design Careers.

-Remeber that you want to present an overview of the information. Do not try to simply copy and paste the definitions that are presented in this lesson.

-Focus on what you feel are the important points.

-Add images to enhance the design of your pamphlet. Layout your design in a way that presents the information effectively, and that makes the design


-Break up text with the use of paragraph headings, white space, and/or lines to make the design interesting.

Layout example:

Other layout ideas.

Download the page template. Use it to create all eight pages of your pamphlet. ( Save them as pages 1-8 or something that you will remember )

Click HERE for the Page Template.

After you have all eight pages, download the template below and paste pages 1, 6,7, and 8 in the order shown. Save this as Side1.

Click HERE for the Pamphlet Template ( Side 1)

Download the next template and paste pages 2,3,4,and 5 in the order shown. Save this as Side2.

Click HERE for the Pamphlet Template (Side 2)


Print side one, then flip the page over and print side two on the back of it. Your pages should be aligned to that the top of page 1 meets the top of page 2.